Author: Patricia Treble

The glories of royal Fabergé: An exhibit in Norwich, England

Look at any of the objets d’art at the new exhibit in Norwich, England, and the name of their maker is immediately obvious: Carl Fabergé.  The Russian jeweller is synonymous with the extravagant works of art created for the Russian royal family. While his shop in St. Petersburg buzzed with activity as it filled orders from the tsar and family as well as the extravagantly rich families who occupied the tip of Russian society. Today, Fabergé—who called himself an “artist jeweller,” above such “people of commerce” like Cartier and Boucheron—is far more famous than his contemporaries. Now, the Russia...

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Brothers in the spotlight: Prince William and Prince Harry

The three musketeer of the Windsor clan are often seen together at royal events, often joking and laughing, yet until recently it was Kate, Duchess of Cambridge who was the centre of attention, not her husband, Prince William or brother-in-law Prince Harry. Not any more. With Kate in the early months of her third pregnancy, the spotlight has shifted to the princely brothers. And at a time when they both dramatically increased their workloads. In September, Prince William undertook 33 engagements, tying his monthly record set in July when he and Kate undertook a packed tour of Poland and...

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Review: Constitutional napalm, Princess Diana and ‘The Diana Tapes’

“Constitutional napalm.” That’s the focus of a new play, The Diana Tapes. The compelling theatrical production shows how a tabloid journalist and the most famous woman in the world, Princess Diana, worked together to create Diana: Her True Story, a bombshell book that set off the greatest royal scandal since Edward VIII’s abdication. Their salacious 1992 bestseller broke up a royal marriage, destroyed a prince’s reputation and forever changed the monarchy. Princess Diana strikes back “She must be mad,” commented True Story’s publisher Michael O’Mara. “She does know what we do for a living?” Diana didn’t care that her...

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REVIEW: How Victoria & Abdul broke cultural barriers in real life

As the film Victoria & Abdul opens, Queen Victoria is lonely. It is 1887. She presides over an empire that envelops a quarter of the world’s population, has been on the throne for 50 years, widowed for 26 after the death of Prince Albert, without her beloved John Brown for the last four. “I miss him and Albert. I’m so lonely,” Victoria says on screen. “Everyone I’ve really loved has died. I go on and on.” “I’m morbidly obese,” she complains in the film. “I can be cantankerous. I am disagreeably attached to power.” She is annoyed at the...

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Meghan Markle breaks the No. 1 rule of royal girlfriends

Meghan Markle has to grant interviews. It’s part of her job as a leading actress on the TV series Suits. She talks about the Toronto-based series, now in the middle of its seventh season. The Los Angeles native talks about the challenges of being biracial. She talks about her charity work. She even talks about her freckles (she dislikes when they are photoshopped out of pictures.) But until know, she’s dogged discussions of her 14-month relationship with Prince Harry, fifth in line to the throne. Think of the trial of being a royal girlfriend as like Fight Club: The...

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