By the end of 2017, Prince Charles had completed 550 official engagements, according to the royal family‘s Court Circular, which has tracked such details since 1803. In terms of work, he is the work leader in the House of Windsor as well as in his own family, surpassing even his famously hard-driving sister, Anne. As well, he’s increasingly been taking on more of his mother’s duties as Queen Elizabeth II, 91, slowly unwinds her busy regal duties.


His wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, finished half the number of engagements. And his sons, William and Harry, were virtually tied at 190 and 191 respectively. Indeed, Harry only surpassed his older brother on Dec. 27 when he edited a programme on BBC Radio 4.

And Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, undertook only 106 engagements. While she wasn’t seen in public for all of September because she suffered from heavy morning sickness due to her third pregnancy, Kate wasn’t exactly working a full-time schedule even before then. Aside from a busy tour of Poland and Germany, she undertook only an engagement or two a week on average for the year.

By charting each member of the Wales family and using the same vertical axis as Charles (who had the most engagements per month), a reader can easily compare royals. Indeed, further analysis shows that the Three Musketeers (William, Kate and Harry) may be dynamic and popular, but the three of them did less work than Charles.



For anyone who loves statistics, the real fun comes in spending time (umm, countless hours) playing with the data—and then analyzing the results. There are lots of dead ends, charts that show no patterns (or are boring, frankly). Then, every now and again, one comes across bits of data that illuminate a topic. For instance, analyzing how many times royals go on engagements with their spouses reveals that Kate, Duchess of Cambridge undertakes only 32 percent of her engagements on her own. For the rest of the time, she is with her husband Prince William. While a double engagement garner a lot of attention, that media scrutiny is concentrated. If she spent more time undertaking events on her own, then that media coverage could be extended and expanded.

Plotting engagements on a yearly calendar also shows exactly how often and how much a royal superstar works. Because when it comes to researching the royal family, there’s no such thing as too little information.

Everything will change in 2018, because Prince Harry is marrying Meghan Markle in May. And that means a new member of the royal family (and their statistics.)