Month: July 2017

Pearl and Triple Leaf Royal Brooch

Sometimes lots is known about a particular royal brooch. Sometimes, they lie, hidden and forgotten in the royal jewellery vaults (given the vast size of Queen Elizabeth’s collection, one vault can’t be sufficient to hold them all.) Such is the case with the crisply graphic Pearl and Triple Leaf Royal brooch that made a dramatic reappearance in the summer of 2017. ROYAL BROOCH COMPOSITION The large brooch is composed of three leaves–perhaps oak—of white gold or platinum, each outlined with thin bands of yellow gold. A large mabe pearl is inset at the centre of each leaf, which are...

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Canadian Snowflake Royal Brooch

What do you get a Queen who has everything, literally everything? A brooch, of course. She’s got more than 100 in her collection, but always has room for more. Indeed, new ones keep appearing on her coats and dresses every year. So when Canada wanted to give a gift to its Queen, there was only one choice. Queen Elizabeth II just received a royal brooch that is quintessentially Canadian. For there are two images that every Canadian instantly recognizes: the maple leaf and the snowflake. Now the Queen has diamond representations of both iconic shapes in her jewellery collection....

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Prince William’s speech in Warsaw for the Queen’s birthday

On the evening of their first day in Poland, Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge attended a reception hosted by the British Embassy in Warsaw. There, Prince William spoke of how they have two reasons to celebrate: Queen Elizabeth II’s 91st birthday and the “shared ties” between Britain and Poland. Some may be surprised that they are celebrating the Queen’s birthday as her real birthday is April 21, and her official one was June 17. It turns out that royals will celebrate the monarch’s birthday at an embassy regardless of the exact time of year. Who knew? (For...

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Kate’s costly obsession with white Alexander McQueen outfits

Royal fashion bloggers were ready when Prince William, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and their children, George and Charlotte, touched down in Warsaw today for the start of their five-day visit to Poland and Germany. For a few minutes, they wondered Kate had repeated one of her many white outfits. Then they realized it was new. Through a rapid exchange of tweets and Facebook postings, they’d narrowed down the make of Kate’s white jacket and skirt to Alexander McQueen. Almost immediately, the almost-clairvoyant, super-fast @PerthsFashions posted a picture of the correct outfit, using a blurry TV screengrab for reference. Coould...

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From Camilla Parker Bowles to the future Queen Camilla?

In the 1990s, Camilla Parker Bowles was hated the length and breadth of Britain. Branded the “third person” in the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, she was yelled at in supermarkets. The tabloids poured buckets of vitriol onto her. Now, as she turns 70 on July 17, Britain’s papers are heaping praise on Camilla, now Duchess of Cornwall. “She has performed a peerless service to her country,” declared Simon Heffer in the Telegraph. “In the goldfish bowl that is royal life and work, Camilla has undertaken her many and varied tasks perfectly. She does a huge amount...

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