Month: August 2017

The cult of the perfect Princess Diana must end

I don’t just like royalty, I’m a monarchist, a firm believer that the royal family is good for Canada, Britain and the 14 other nations with Elizabeth II as their head of state. As a royal watcher and journalist, I’ve got two walls of books on the topic, carefully classified by subject. Just don’t ask me about Princess Di. She did an enormous amount of good. She embraced AIDS patients at a time when many thought the virus could be spread through touch. She was openly affectionate with her children in front of the cameras, something that the royals...

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Kate’s style statistics: designers, outfits and hair style

If there’s a moment when observers knew that Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, was really enjoying herself on the five day tour of Poland and Germany, it was after she raced against her husband, Prince William, in a boat race in Heidelberg, Germany (he won decisively) and decided to drown her competitive sorrow in a huge mug of beer. She may have only taken a sip or two (she was working, after all) but the athletic duchess looked relaxed and happy. While Kate was tasting the local lager, royal fashion bloggers were busy sourcing her mid-blue Breton striped top.  They worked flat out combing designer and shopping websites, discarding options that weren’t quite right before discovering it was by Hugo Boss. It was the only time she’s worn the luxury brand this year. Such is the intense interest in everything Kate wears that is now analyzing her style choices. This is by no means a definitive Kate’s fashion blog or site. There are plenty of those. Rather, this seeks to take a deeper look at her fashion choices to see reveal trends and choices. The biggest is her increasing love of pattern. Of the 50 outfits Kate has worn from the beginning of the year until the summer break at the end of July, 11 have been patterned, or 22 per cent. As she chooses increasingly sophisticated outfits, she’s also...

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Decoding ‘The Crown’ trailer

The second season of The Crown comes to the small screen on Dec. 8. As with the first season, Netflix has kept its details under close guard, revealing little except that it picks up where the first season ends, with Princess Margaret’s love life in tatters and the marriage of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband strained. Philip was seen driving out of Buckingham Palace, feeling unwanted by his wife-monarch. The date is a bit vague—to improve the dramatic effect of his series, Peter Morgan conflates royal events that can be years apart—but Philip was off to Australia to open...

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The royal family’s work statistics for July

The royal family is just like most of its brethren—members rush to finish projects and engagements in July, ahead of a few leisurely weeks of summer vacation. This year is no different. THE MOST IMPROVED IN THE ROYAL FAMILY AWARD GOES TO… Some members racked up impressive numbers in July, none posting a larger gain than Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. For the first half of 2017, she’d completed just 47 engagements then knocked off 33 in July, due largely to a five-day visit to Poland and Germany with Prince William and their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte as...

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