Month: December 2017

2017 statistics on Kate’s style and fashion

When it comes to style, the Duchess of Cambridge (formerly Kate Middleton) is the reigning queen of the British royal family. Her every outfit, pair of shoes and earrings, her hats (or lack thereof) and even her use of hairnets to keep more formal hair styles in place are analyzed, evaluated and priced. Some think Kate is boring, some think she’s a fashion icon—no one is neutral. While I’m not going to rank the 70 outfits she wore to official engagements in order of style (I’m one of the few who really liked the edgy black-trimmed white dress by...

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2017 royal family statistics: Charles, Camilla, William, Kate and Harry

By the end of 2017, Prince Charles had completed 550 official engagements, according to the royal family‘s Court Circular, which has tracked such details since 1803. In terms of work, he is the work leader in the House of Windsor as well as in his own family, surpassing even his famously hard-driving sister, Anne. As well, he’s increasingly been taking on more of his mother’s duties as Queen Elizabeth II, 91, slowly unwinds her busy regal duties. THE REST OF CHARLES’S ROYAL FAMILY His wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, finished half the number of engagements. And his sons, William...

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2017 annual statistics review of the royal family

For the British royal family, 2017 was the year Prince Philip retired, his grandson, Harry, got engaged to Meghan Markle, Queen Elizabeth II marked her Sapphire Jubilee, Prince William became a full-time royal and Prince George started school. In other words, a relatively typical year in the life of the Windsor clan. In total, the royals undertook some 3,609 engagements, according to the official Court Circular, which has recorded such events since 1803. It was a year in which one very senior royals slowed the pace of his workload. After a busy spring, Prince Philip announced his retirement from...

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Bojana Sentaler’s ‘best Christmas gift’: Meghan Markle wore her design

Designer Bojana Sentaler was one of the last people to find out that Meghan Markle wore a Sentaler coat on Christmas Day. “I am traveling with my family,” explains Sentaler, founder of the eponymous Toronto-based luxury outerwear brand. “When I woke up this morning I found out Meghan Markle was wearing a Sentaler coat via a Twitter post!” she explained in an email on Boxing Day, “I was thrilled to see her in my coat, I have had a permanent smile on my face ever since that moment. It is the best Christmas gift!” The camel-coloured wrap coat, now called...

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Queen Elizabeth II’s religious faith and her Christmas message

Queen Elizabeth II deep, abiding faith in Christianity isn’t a secret. Yet, commentators spend more time dissecting her fashion tastes than they do about her religious beliefs. Indeed, Christmas is one of the few times it is discussed, largely because she is talking more openly about what she calls the “anchor of my life.” I know just how much I rely on my faith to guide me through the good times and the bad. Each day is a new beginning. I know that the only way to live my life is to try to do what is right, to take...

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