Month: January 2018

A surprisingly personal speech by Prince William

On Jan. 23, 2018, Prince William gave a surprisingly personal speech to the Charity Commission’s annual public meeting. For those not familiar with the organization, the Charity Commission is an independent government department that regulates charities in England and Wales. It is accountable to Parliament. For the last five years William Shawcross, the official biographer of the Queen Mother, has been its chairman, and it is he who is the “William” that Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, references in his speech. In this speech, Prince William opens up about the royal family’s commitment to charity has shaped his life, as well...

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Can Queen Victoria trust her husband?

She’s just given birth to her first child, Victoria, and discovered that she didn’t like pregnancy at all. “Confinement does not suit me,” she says in the drama. It is, she said in real life, an “unhappy condition.” Being a mother doesn’t come naturally. “Do you like them? Right away?” she asks her outgoing mistress of the robes while looking at her sleeping daughter. At the beginning of season two of the hit drama Victoria, the young, beautiful Queen Victoria realizes she likes being monarch. She likes knowing what’s going on in her growing empire. The young queen is not...

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The royal family has a big problem: Donald Trump

The royal family has a big problem: U.S. President Donald Trump. There are two upcoming events in 2018 sure to test the famed diplomatic skills of Buckingham Palace’s courtiers. Their most pressing problem is the upcoming wedding, especially given the date of that other event, the state visit of Trump to Britain, hasn’t been set. On May 19, Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. Their nuptials may technically be a “private” family event but it’s going to be the highest-profile event in Britain this year. Brand Finance estimates it will boost the economy...

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How Meghan Markle and Kate came to wear all things Smythe

When Meghan Markle wore a cozy light-camel-coloured coat to an engagement with fiancé Prince Harry, social media went hunting for its maker and found it in the Canadian outerwear firm of Smythe. This isn’t Smythe’s first brush with royalty. Deb McCain has done public relations for Smythe for 10 years, and she can still recall almost every moment of how the Canadian fashion firm scored a coup that “put them on the international style map”: when Smythe’s iconic blazer was worn by the former Kate Middleton. The jacket, which features a signature cut-out back vent, is so identified with...

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