Month: March 2018

Ruby-and-gold trellis royal brooch

While some of Queen Elizabeth II’s royal brooches are documented to the nth degree, others are mysteries. Such is the case with yet another gold trellis brooch worn by the monarch to church in early 2018. She’s worn it off and on for years, yet little is known about it. ROYAL BROOCH COMPOSITION Seven gold flowers (perhaps stylized chrysanthemums) with round ruby stamens, on the outside of a vertical trellis of gold, with each of three intersections of gold rope “tied” by a diamond cross of four square stones. CREATION Again, nothing is know about it. Yet. But it’s...

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Analyzing the big questions about the #GreatKateWait3

Seven years after Kate Middleton wed Prince William, she will give birth to their third child in the month of their marriage—April. And that’s about all we know, at least officially. Like with Kate’s previous pregnancies, the royal couple is revealing precious little information about the birth of Baby Cambridge, who will be fifth in line to the throne, behind Prince Charles, William, and older siblings George and Charlotte. According to media reports, the due date is St. George’s Day, which is April 23, but no one is sure. Both George and Charlotte appeared later than originally scheduled, prompting...

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The royal family turns out for Commonwealth Day

Queen Elizabeth II and virtually her entire royal family turned out for the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey. Which makes sense, because the Commonwealth is very much a family itself. Made up of 53 nations, all but two former British possessions,  it has seen intense family disputes—South Africa was banned for years because of apartheid–but in the end, it’s a voluntary organization that has struggled to define itself, emerging in recent years as a symbol of diversity and tolerance. With 2.4 billion people, it accounts for some 30 percent of the world’s population. This year, the Commonwealth Heads of...

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The Commonwealth’s royal family?

Queen Elizabeth II loves the Commonwealth—she’s passionately (yet non-politically) defended it, fought for its survival and, after 66 years diligently reading state reports, is amazingly well-versed on its nations, and now she appears to be leading a determined push to transfer her affection to the rest of the royal family. That’s why, on March 12, Commonwealth Day, pretty much every royal who is in London will be at Westminster Abbey for an annual service of thanksgiving. The music-and-youth-filled event is a calendar fixture for the Queen, but only in recent years have other family members showed up, as a...

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Royal family work statistics for early 2018: Her Maj rocks, Harry is MIA

Amazing what a difference a year makes when it comes to the royal family‘s workload. In 2017, the Windsors got off to a very slow start, completing less than 400 engagements in the first two months of that year. Prince William was labelled “work-shy,” not for the first time, after doing just 14 engagements by February 28. Not so this year. In January and February, the working royals polished off 530 engagements, a 40 percent increase from the previous year. The reason isn’t hard to find: several members of the House of Windsor dramatically increased their workloads in the...

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