Author: Patricia Treble

Royal Women exhibition at the Fashion Museum Bath

This museum in the beautiful city of Bath has a long-term exhibition that is a must-see for anyone interested in fashion, history and royalty. Titled Royal Women, it explores how the clothes of five generations of royal women reflect not only their times, but also their status within the royal family. When asked to choose her favourite outfit Rosemary Harden, the museum’s manager, hesitated—”I love them all, for different reasons”—before deciding on Queen Alexandra’s wedding dress. “It dates from 1862 and it sparkles every time it catches the light. Just beautiful,” she explains. The gown, subsequently altered into an...

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Nizam of Hyderabad floral royal brooch

On first glance, the Nizam of Hyderabad floral royal brooch looks like a simple floral brooch. But its clever construction is revealed when Queen Elizabeth II moves and the trembling diamond “stamens” in the heart of the brooch throw off flashes of colour of light. It and its two smaller, identical companion rose brooches were once part of a much grander piece of royal jewellery, a tiara. “One can’t really dance in a tiara,” Chips Channon overheard the future Queen Elizabeth II complain. It was 1947 and Princess Elizabeth, dressed in a black lace gown, was dancing at a...

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Trooping the Colour: 2018 Royal Travel Guide

The grandest military occasion is the Queen’s Birthday Parade, better known as Trooping the Colour. For anyone interested in the royal family, the military or seeing British history come alive, this is the event to see. Around 1,400 soldiers of the Household Division and King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery as well as 400 musicians take part in the elaborate ceremony that dates back to the 17th century. The maneouvres and instructions are so complicated that they handed down orally from generation to generation of soldiers. The queen has taken the salute at every parade of her reign but one....

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Palm leaf royal brooch

Little was known about this popular royal brooch until it was featured in Hugh Roberts’s authoritative The Queen’s Jewels. It was then that royal jewellery watchers realized its shape wasn’t a paisley, as many thought, but actually a palm leaf. Its clean, graphic design makes it a royal brooch that stands out on patterned as well as plain outfits. Its size and sentimental history makes it a royal brooch that can be worn to everything from flower shows to investitures. ROYAL BROOCH COMPOSITION In the shape of a curling oriental palm leaf, it contains nine large brilliant diamonds (marquise, pear-...

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Fast off the blocks: royal family work statistics for January 2018

The royal family obviously got a lot of rest over the Christmas holidays, because they returned to work in January recharged and raring to go. According to the official Court Circular, which tracks all official work by the working members of the House of Windsor, the royal family undertook 205 engagements in the first month of 2018. Leading the pack is Princess Anne, who undertook 34 engagements while her older brother, Prince Charles, was close behind with 30 engagements. Rounding out the top 5 are Prince Edward, Prince William and his wife, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. Breaking down the...

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