Prince William Duke of Cambridge Blue suit, clasped hands Milton Keynes September 2017

Prince William attends a ceremony to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the city of Milton Keynes on September 26, 2017 (Photo by Mark Cuthbert)

The three musketeer of the Windsor clan are often seen together at royal events, often joking and laughing, yet until recently it was Kate, Duchess of Cambridge who was the centre of attention, not her husband, Prince William or brother-in-law Prince Harry. Not any more.

Prince William workload engagements September 2017

With Kate in the early months of her third pregnancy, the spotlight has shifted to the princely brothers. And at a time when they both dramatically increased their workloads. In September, Prince William undertook 33 engagements, tying his monthly record set in July when he and Kate undertook a packed tour of Poland and Germany. Especially notable were a series of closed-door meetings at Kensington Palace, including that with the chief of the defence staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, and the secretary of the Duchy of Cornwall, his father’s hereditary estate.

Prince Harry workload engagements Invictus Games September 2017At the same time, Prince Harry was in Toronto, Canada for the third iteration of his Invictus Games, an international sporting competition for injured servicemen and women. Ever since coming up with the concept in 2014, he’s championed its growth. It’s now a high-profile magnet for not just athletes, but also conferences dealing with the myriad issues surrounding the physical and mental recovery of troops. In Toronto, Harry attended every sports competition at least once, was seen at every venue, scattered throughout Toronto, cheered on the competitors, talked to their families and made sure the complex event ran smoothly.  In addition, he took part in a raucous We Day rally for students, got an update on the latest research at a conference on the health of military veterans, and went to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health to learn more about their treatment strategies, especially for youths.

In all, Prince Harry under took 55 engagements in September, more than double his previous monthly record for 2017. And, as expected, most were in Toronto, and most were for the Invictus Games. What’s unclear is whether he and Prince William can sustain their September spurt throughout the autumn and into the winter.

Prince Harry popcorn thief Invictus Games Toronto September 2017 James Whatling