Prince William Kate Middleton, wearing Jenny Packham blue gown, at British Embassy in Paris, 2017

Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge at the British Embassy in Paris on March 17, 2017 Photo: Fanny Trang, British Embassy Paris / James Whatling

Many people people would say that Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, is living a royal fairy tale. The 35-year-old is smart, beautiful and married to a prince, who will trade in his title of Prince William for King William one day.

So spectators couldn’t help but think Kate was the embodiment of a true-life fairy tale princess when she gracefully walked down the grand staircase at the 17th century Hotel de Charost, the British Embassy in Paris on March 17, 2017 to meet the ambassador and his wife. Sure she was dripping in diamonds loaned by her grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II, but what clinched it for many was her dress. Its elaborate embroidery, showcased and balanced by simple lines, hearkened back to the gowns Norman Hartnell dreamed up for a young Elizabeth.

The ultimate royal fairy tale dress

Kate’s ice blue satin gown was a bespoke creation by London designer Jenny Packham, who is one of the duchess’s favourite style mavens for grand evening gowns. This design encompassed many of the features Kate prefers: a formfitting, embellished dress with a modest neckline and a slim waist. As the What Kate Wore fashion site noted, each delicate silvery-blue sequined flower featured a rhinestone centre.

Of all of Kate’s gowns, this is the one that immediately drew comparisons to a famous royal fairy tale queen, Elsa from Disney’s Frozen.

It’s no wonder. Elsa wears an eerily similar bedazzled ice-blue gown in the famous “Elsa’s Palace” scene in Frozen. Virtually the only differences are that Elsa has blond hair and her dress has a flowing cape. Oh, and that while Elsa is a two-dimensional fictional character in a Disney film, Kate is real. Still both have a few things in common: they are wildly popular, famous around the world, and both can wear the ultimate royal fairy tale dress.