Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge Germany July 2017 Mark Cuthbert

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge enjoys a beer during an official visit to Poland and Germany in Heidelberg, July 2017 (Picture by Mark Cuthbert)

If there’s a moment when observers knew that Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, was really enjoying herself on the five day tour of Poland and Germany, it was after she raced against her husband, Prince William, in a boat race in Heidelberg, Germany (he won decisively) and decided to drown her competitive sorrow in a huge mug of beer. She may have only taken a sip or two (she was working, after all) but the athletic duchess looked relaxed and happy.

While Kate was tasting the local lager, royal fashion bloggers were busy sourcing her mid-blue Breton striped top.  They worked flat out combing designer and shopping websites, discarding options that weren’t quite right before discovering it was by Hugo Boss. It was the only time she’s worn the luxury brand this year.

Such is the intense interest in everything Kate wears that WriteRoyalty.com is now analyzing her style choices. This is by no means a definitive Kate’s fashion blog or site. There are plenty of those. Rather, this seeks to take a deeper look at her fashion choices to see reveal trends and choices.

Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge patterned Erdem Gdansk Poland July 2017

Kate. Duchess of Cambridge, lays a rose at European Solidarity Movement monument in Gdansk, Poland (Picture by Andrew Parsons / i-Images)

The biggest is her increasing love of pattern. Of the 50 outfits Kate has worn from the beginning of the year until the summer break at the end of July, 11 have been patterned, or 22 per cent.

As she chooses increasingly sophisticated outfits, she’s also becoming bolder in her choice of both designs and fabrics. Some of her patterned options including the floral Erdem top and skirt she wore in Poland and Missoni zig-zag coat she wore at a service for those killed and injured in a terrorist attack on Westminster Bridge in the spring.


  • Pattern: 11
  • Red: 9
  • Blue: 9
  • White: 8
  • Pink: 4


  • Green: 3
  • Black: 2
  • Grey: 1
  • Yellow: 1
  • Taupe: 1
  • Purple: 1

(Note: if it’s a casual outfit with separate bottoms, often jeans, and tops, then the colour is selected from the top)


Kate continues to wear a lot of new outfits. The bulk of her wardrobe is composed of new purchases, even as her closets bulge with styles that are eerily similar to outfits worn before. She’s got so many Breton tops that she could outfit a yacht’s crew and then outfit its competitor’s crew as well. While casual shirts aren’t that expensive, some other new outfits come with hefty price tags.

With the outfit she wore at the start of the Germany and Poland tour, Kate has a grand total of 10 white Alexander McQueen daytime outfits, each just slightly different than the other. It’s a costly obsession, adding up to at least $30,000.

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Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge white Alexander McQueen Prince William Royal Ascot June 2017

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge attend Royal Ascot June 20, 2017 (Photo by Mark Cuthbert)


Of the 50 outfits she’s worn since the beginning of 2017, some 74 per cent (37 outfits) were new. The most new outfits were from Alexander McQueen (4)- –including the white lace outfit she wore at Royal Ascot (on the right)—plus another four Erdems and four beautifully tailored creations by Catherine Walker.

Like most of Kate’s outfits, many of her new coats, dresses and evening gowns were customized to their new royal owner. The white lace Ascot dress boasted a longer skirt while a blue tweed jacket and dress (or maybe a skirt; no one is sure) by Rebecca Taylor appears to have altered from the originals.  That sort of bespoke tailoring isn’t cheap. According to an informative article on WhatKateWore, one dress took up to six weeks to make.


Kate middleton Duchess of Cambridge hair styles January July 2017Kate chopped a good 10 cm off her hair in July, just before going to Poland with the family. It’s now still long enough to be put up in a nice pony tail, but not enough to be that wind-whipped mess that it could be when ultra-long.

While this website hasn’t analyzed Kate’s hair styles for every previous year, it does appear that she’s choosing to wear it up more and more, especially in daytime. And now there’s a lot less to loop at the nape of her neck. She often covers the bun with a discreet hair net so as it avoid any fly-away hair events.

As for the lack of pony tails, perhaps it’s a style that Kate no longer favours, like those beige platform L.K. Bennett shoes she first started wearing when she was Kate Middleton then kept wearing and wearing and wearing as a duchess.