January february royal family work statistics engagementsAmazing what a difference a year makes when it comes to the royal family‘s workload. In 2017, the Windsors got off to a very slow start, completing less than 400 engagements in the first two months of that year. Prince William was labelled “work-shy,” not for the first time, after doing just 14 engagements by February 28.

Not so this year. In January and February, the working royals polished off 530 engagements, a 40 percent increase from the previous year. The reason isn’t hard to find: several members of the House of Windsor dramatically increased their workloads in the new year.


  • Prince Edward jumped into the top slot in the royal work data table by upping his schedule by more than 250 percent.
  • His wife, Sophie, also took on more duties, nearly quadrupling her work, in part because the couple went on a busy royal tour to Sri Lanka.
  • Prince William and his wife, Kate, also experienced a much heavier workload than the previous year, when they were based in Norfolk instead of bustling London. This year, a royal tour of Sweden and Norway allowed both to dramatically increase their workloads, compared to last year, when they each did just 14 engagements.
  • Queen Elizabeth II is also working a heavier schedule compared to last year, which started off a bit slower because of a serious cold contracted over the holidays. While comparing her January schedules in both years reveals few changes, she dramatically increased her duties in February, doing 38 engagements this year compared with 24 last year. In total, a 150 percent increase in the first two months of the year.

royal family work statistics january february 2018


If there is one person who hasn’t really contributed to the major uptick in engagements, it’s Prince Harry. Though a full-time royal and just 33 (while three of the top four royals are all senior citizens), he’s near the bottom of the Windsor work leagues. In January, he undertook 10 engagements, doing another 12 in February. Of those early engagements in 2018, Harry did eight (or 36 percent) were with fiancée Meghan Markle. In the first eight weeks, he’s averaged less than three engagements a week.

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When analyzing the engagements of the Three Musketeers (William, Kate and Harry, though that nickname is now supplanted by the Fab Four as the addition of Meghan turned the trio into a foursome) in both years, it’s clear that while William and Kate have increased their workloads dramatically, Harry’s schedule has increased just marginally at best, up four from 2017. An alternative view of those statistics (see below) shows how much William and Kate have filled out their calendars, leaving Harry trailing badly in third spot.

With Kate about to go on maternity leave, and Harry and Meghan tied up with organizing their wedding in May, it is going to fall on William to keep up the numbers for the younger members of the royal family.

royal family work statistics workload prince william kate middleton prince harry