In advance of the royal wedding, the royal family had its busiest work in April, completing 347 engagements. That was a sharp 23 per cent increase from March, even though younger royals took time off to be with their school aged children during the Easter break. In total, the full-time working members of the royal family have completed more than 1,100 royal for the first third of 2018.

With a third of the year complete, the Queen’s children occupy the top spots on the list of working royals. Indeed, they almost follow their birth order, as Charles is in the top spot, followed by Anne, while Edward (the Queen’s fourth child) is next, then Andrew, who leapfrogged into fourth position after a slower start to the year.

royal family work engagement statistics 2018 January April

Why did the royal family increase its workload in April?

One word: Commonwealth. In the middle of April the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) was held in London and the royal family turned out in force. In four days, every working royal (except the retired Prince Philip, who would shortly undergo a hip-replacement operation) undertook 109 engagements. As I wrote in a statistical review: “More than a gathering of the government leaders of the 53-nation organization, the week is a flurry of conferences, meetings, forums and events both large and small. Members of the Windsor clan were everywhere. They donned tiaras and tuxedos for the formal dinner held at Buckingham Palace and planted more than a few trees, including one at Kew Garden with the spouses of the government leaders.”

Prince Andrew did 53 engagements, including a lot of one-on-one meetings with Commonwealth leaders. It was his largest monthly tally to date for 2018. Yet even that level of work was surpassed by younger brother, Edward, who undertook a punishing schedule in Australia for the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme as well as the Commonwealth Games then returned to London only to plunge into duties at home.

A review of the young royals

Prince William Kate Middleton Prince Harry royal family work engagements statistics

Compared with their 2017 efforts, the young royals have increased work output, as can clearly be seen by the above graphic. (Kate, obviously, trailed off her engagements in March as she began her maternity leave in advance of giving birth Prince Louis on April 23.) Yet, for all their efforts, they are well down the list when it comes to their 2018 workload, with William in seventh spot, two spots behind their 92-year-old grandmother, and Harry in ninth, trailing the Duke of Gloucester, 73.

William’s light load becomes obvious when it’s tracked on a weekly basis, which shows two weekly spikes, one for his tour with Kate to Sweden and Norway, and a later one for the Commonwealth gathering in London. It remains to be seen how the rest of his year will stack up against the rest of the royal family.

Prince William royal family workload engagements statistics