Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge wearing blue Emilia Wickstead in Luxembourg with Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie and Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume May 2017

The Duchess of Cambridge visits Luxembourg City Museum with Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie (centre) and her husband, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, in Luxembourg, May 11, 2017. (Picture by James Whatling)

When it comes to royal workload, the former Kate Middleton is more of a casual royal worker than a full-time member of the House of Windsor. Statistics show that Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, spent five days in May on official duties, for a total of just 10 events. And the lion’s share, six engagements, occurred on one day, when she flew to Luxembourg for a series of events commemorating the tiny European nation’s 150th anniversary. Kate Middleton duchess of Cambridge workload engagement statistics for May 2017

Kate’s total for 2017: 42 engagements

  • January: 4
  • February: 10
  • March: 12
  • April: 6
  • May: 10

Work stats for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

Both the monarch and her consort worked more in May than in April. Partly its the increase in seasonal royal duties—including garden parties—and partly the return to a more regular schedule after their Easter break. Elizabeth II fulfilled 24 engagements.  While most were standing royal engagements, including audiences with Prime Minister Theresa May, there was an interesting trend. The Queen is increasingly fulfilling her duties behind the walls of her palaces and castles. Fully 62.5 per cent of May’s work was away from view of the general public. Given she’s 91, it’s fully understandable.

Queen Elizabeth II workload engagements for May 2017

Queen elizabeth II workload engagement statistics for May 2017 inside palace walls versus outside events

As for Prince Philip, the royal consort announced his impending retirement at the beginning of the month. It followed a sharp drop in his workload at the middle of April. However, anyone expecting the brusque 95-year-old to suddenly drop out of sight and put his feet up were sadly mistaken. He drove his beloved carriages during the Royal Windsor Horse Show, and polished off a rather impressive 22 engagements over 14 days in the month.

Prince Philip duke of Edinburgh workload engagements may 2017

How does one track royal statistics?

It’s explained at the bottom of this article about the former Kate Middleton’s workload from earlier in 2017