Queen Elizabeth II ruby gold trellis brooch church service Sandringham 2018

Queen Elizabeth II attends Sunday service at St Peter and St Paul Church on February 4, 2018 in King’s Lynn, England. (Photo by Mark Cuthbert)

While some of Queen Elizabeth II’s royal brooches are documented to the nth degree, others are mysteries. Such is the case with yet another gold trellis brooch worn by the monarch to church in early 2018. She’s worn it off and on for years, yet little is known about it.

ruby and gold royal brooch queen Elizabeth II royal jewellery

Close-up of the ruby-and-gold royal brooch (Photo by Mark Cuthbert)


Seven gold flowers (perhaps stylized chrysanthemums) with round ruby stamens, on the outside of a vertical trellis of gold, with each of three intersections of gold rope “tied” by a diamond cross of four square stones.


Again, nothing is know about it. Yet.

But it’s stylized design screams the 1940s.


Queen Elizabeth II's gold-and-diamond trellis brooch, worn at the Commonwealth baton relay start in March 2017

Queen Elizabeth II’s gold-and-diamond trellis brooch, worn at the Commonwealth baton relay start in March 2017

Amazingly, this isn’t the only gold trellis brooch in the Queen’s jewellery box, which makes identification tricky.

Another one, complete with rubies and diamonds, is known to be a wedding present, seen among the presents given to the Queen for her wedding in 1947. And the published guide to her wedding gifts includes a cryptic reference to a “gold brooch set with diamonds and rubies in a trellised floral design” given by the Principality of Monaco. The description could apply to that other brooch. Or this one. No one knows for sure. Which drives royal jewellery fans to distraction, but hey, the history of much of Elizabeth II’s collection is unknown.


Its more modern, stylized design makes it more versatile than her other trellis brooch. Perhaps that explains why, though best shown off by a red coat, the Queen hasn’t restricted its usage to that colour. In the past decade, she’s pinned this royal brooch to the shoulder of pink, oatmeal and even yellow outfits.