Meghan Markle Suits Prince Harry love next Toronto 2017The Toronto love pad of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has transformed its owners into millionaires. The Suits actress rented the small, detached two-storey home while filming her hit TV series in Canada’s biggest city. Public land registry records reveal it is owned by fashion stylist Liz Cabral, 41 and her husband, Kevin O’Neill, 41, who have seen the property’s value skyrocket past $1 million (all prices in CAD$) since it became known around the world as the home of Prince Harry’s girlfriend.

Meghan Markle’s base in Toronto

The stylish exterior, painted a deep plum with black-framed windows, open into a bright, airy jewel box interior. Meghan Markle’s eclectic decor style is very similar to that of its stylish previous occupant, Liz Cabral, who was a fashion director at Flare, Canada’s top fashion magazine, for eight years. Indeed, both women chose a minimalist white decor to show off their fashion-forward design tastes.

Meghan used white walls and elaborately decorated mirrors offset by cozy sofas and pops of colour to create a comfortable, stylish home, just like Cabral. In fact, photos of Cabral inside her home show a white sofa that looks very similar to the comfy one featured in Meghan’s photos. And the two women proudly show off their shoe obsessions. Cabral’s husband created a floor-to-ceiling shoe closet as a birthday gift, where she rotated her favourite pairs. Since then, it’s been expanded further into a wall of fashionable footwear.

Liz Cabral and Kevin O’Neill, who married at a Tuscan villa in 2013 and are now based in New York City, bought the house a decade ago. They paid $508,000, public records reveal, for the detached home, which dates back to around 1906, the City of Toronto confirms.

Meghan Markle Prince Harry home house Toronto love nest Suits 2017The bijou gem boasts two bedrooms and back yard deep enough for a seating area and barbecue as well as enough space for Meghan Markle’s dogs, Bogart and Guy, to play. The lot, a mere 20 feet wide by 120 feet deep, ends with a large garage that exits into an laneway, a common feature in Toronto, which allowed Meghan and Harry to avoid photographers camped outside her front door.

The house is nestled in the middle of Seaton Village, a quiet middle class residential area that boast some of the city’s best public schools as well as trendy cafes and decor shops. (Now that Meghan Markle has decamped to London to be with Harry, the thick black-out blinds that she kept pulled down on every window have been replaced by thin fabric drapes. The camera-equipped doorbell has also been removed.)

The ‘Meghan Markle’ effect

Today, Cabral and O’Neill’s home is conservatively valued at $1.1 million by the City of Toronto’s property system report, a fair assessment, two veteran real estate agents say, given slumping house prices in the city. Yet that price doesn’t take into account the romantic royal cachet of being the location where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle fell in love. One of the real estate agents, who knows the area well, believes the house’s royal romance pedigree “should attract multiple offers” that could easily add another $100,000 or even more to sale price.

In other words, a nice reverse wedding gift from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.