Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Queen Elizabeth II Commonwealth Royal family nod bow Buckingham Palace

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau is greeted by Queen Elizabeth II during a private audience at Buckingham Palace, London on April 18, 2018. (Picture by i-Images / Pool)


The royal family undertook 109 engagements during the four days of the biannual Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in London. More than a gathering of the government leaders of the 53-nation organization, the week is a flurry of conferences, meetings, forums and events both large and small. Members of the Windsor clan were everywhere. They donned tiaras and tuxedos for the formal dinner held at Buckingham Palace and planted more than a few trees, including one at Kew Garden with the spouses of the government leaders.

They played to their strengths: Andrew held one of his Pitch@Palace sessions for Commonwealth entrepreneurs at St. James’s Palace; Harry, as Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, gave a speech at the Commonwealth Youth Forum; Camilla took Charles to a Big Lunch (she’s its patron); while Charles gave a speech at the formal opening of the CHOGM meeting at Buckingham Palace. The next day he would be announced as his mother’s successor “in due course” as head of the Commonwealth. It was the busiest the royal family has been since the fifth week of the year when the every working royal (except the Duke of Kent) polished off 128 engagements.


Among some of the most important meetings were the most private. They are the audiences between royals and government leaders. While the Queen would once meet everyone in back-to-back sessions, often on the Royal Yacht Britannia, her duties are now dispersed among the royal family. Interestingly, they met with just 30 of the 53 leaders, at least according to Buckingham Palace’s Court Circular, which tracks all royal engagements.

1 Antigua and Barbuda William Buckingham Palace 18/04/2018
2 Australia
3 Bahamas, The
4 Bangladesh
5 Barbados
6 Belize
7 Botswana Harry Buckingham Palace 17/04/2018
8 Brunei Darussalam
9 Cameroon Andrew Buckingham Palace 18/04/2018
10 Canada Elizabeth II Buckingham Palace 18/04/2018
11 Cyprus Charles Clarence House 18/04/2018
12 Dominica Harry Buckingham Palace 17/04/2018
13 Fiji
14 Gambia, The
15 Ghana William Buckingham Palace 18/04/2018
16 Grenada
17 Guyana
18 India Elizabeth II Buckingham Palace 18/04/2018
19 Jamaica Charles Clarence House 17/04/2018
20 Kenya William Buckingham Palace 17/04/2018
21 Kiribati
22 Lesotho
23 Malawi Harry Buckingham Palace 17/04/2018
24 Malaysia
25 Malta
26 Mauritius
27 Mozambique Andrew Buckingham Palace 18/04/2018
28 Namibia William Buckingham Palace 18/04/2018
29 Nauru Anne Buckingham Palace 18/04/2018
30 New Zealand Elizabeth II Buckingham Palace 19/04/2018
31 Nigeria
32 Pakistan Charles Clarence House 19/04/2018
33 Papua New Guinea Andrew Buckingham Palace 18/04/2018
34 Rwanda Harry Buckingham Palace 17/04/2018
35 Saint Lucia
36 Samoa Andrew Buckingham Palace 19/04/2018
37 Seychelles
38 Sierra Leone
39 Singapore Andrew Buckingham Palace 18/04/2018
40 Solomon Islands Charles Clarence House 17/04/2018
41 South Africa Elizabeth II Windsor Castle 17/04/2018
42 Sri Lanka
43 St Kitts and Nevis Anne Buckingham Palace 18/04/2018
44 St Vincent and The Grenadines
45 Swaziland Anne Buckingham Palace 18/04/2018
46 Tonga Anne Buckingham Palace 18/04/2018
47 Trinidad and Tobago Andrew Buckingham Palace 18/04/2018
48 Tuvalu William Buckingham Palace 18/04/2018
49 Uganda William Buckingham Palace 18/04/2018
50 United Kingdom
51 United Republic of Tanzania William Buckingham Palace 17/04/2018
52 Vanuatu Andrew Buckingham Palace 18/04/2018
53 Zambia