kate middleton style

The Duchess of Cambridge attends the 2017 Portrait Gala, at the National Portrait Gallery, London, UK, on the 28th March 2017.
Picture by Neil Hall/WPA-Pool

Introducing Kate to the world stage was a fast and furious production. In April, Kate Middleton married Prince William in Westminster Abbey. She was a new bride, getting accustomed to a bright spotlight.

Within two months, she was in the middle of a nine-day tour of Canada. She had to be smiling and charming, never bored or impatient during a sprawling visit across Canada that covered Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Ottawa, Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

“It’s like throwing Kate in at the deep end, isn’t it?” Judy Wade, the veteran royal watcher, said at the time. “She’s a novice and she doesn’t know what’s involved.” No other recent bride has taken on such an ambitious undertaking so soon after entering the gilded goldfish bowl.

Archive story: Introducing Kate

A look back at my article in Maclean’s from March 6, 2011 over concerns about introducing Kate to the world on her first foreign visit so soon after she’d entered the royal family.