Pippa Middleton at wedding to James Matthews May 2017

The wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews at St Mark’s Church, Englefield, Berkshire, UK. (Picture by i-Images / Pool)

Pippa Middleton got the wedding she’s always dreamed of.

  • In her family’s local church, the intimate, gorgeous 12th century St. Mark’s Church in Englefield
  • Surrounded by family—including nephew Prince George, 3, and niece Princess Charlotte, 2, in the bridal party–and close friends
  • Wearing a spectacular dress and tiara
  • A rocking evening reception in a huge glass tent in the garden of her parent’s nearby home in Bucklebury
  • With the media kept at a distance so as to not overwhelm the country setting

Pippa Middleton’s rules for a successful wedding

  • Do it your way: Pippa wanted familiarity and a wedding that wasn’t too grand. So she chose the small church near her family home, the one they’ve gone to for years.
  • Know your style: Pippa Middleton has always favoured clean lines that show off her slim, athletic figure. She didn’t deviate on her wedding day. The Giles Deacon gown was made of silk cotton lace, laid over an organza and tulle underskirt. The high collar, slim corseted bodice, cap sleeves and a heart-shaped back cutout were the only details in a very streamlined dress. A simple veil, and small diamond tiara by Robinson Pelham, the family’s jeweller, were offset by softly upswept hair. The result was a bride comfortable with her dress and styling. and it showed.
Pippa Middleton wedding to James Matthews

The wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews at St Mark’s Church, Englefield, Berkshire, UK. (Picture by i-Images / Pool)

  • Her more famous sister knew her place at the wedding–helping Pippa. It was Kate, Duchess of Cambridge who wrangled the squirmy pageboys and flower girls into some semblance of order so younger sister didn’t have to worry. It was Kate who kept them quiet and showed them when to scatter flowers.

With the fashion police out in force, Kate also chose an outfit that was stylish without upstaging her sister. Her soft, flowing peachy-pink bespoke Alexander McQueen dress and Jane Taylor hat fell into the nicely familiar category of royal clothes. Beautiful but not so original or innovative that they’d outshine Pippa’s outfit.

  • Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge in Alexander McQueen with Prince George and Princes Charlotte at wedding of sister Pippa Middleton

    HRH The Duchess of Cambridge with her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the wedding of her sister Pippa Middleton and James Matthews at St Mark’s Church, Englefield, Berkshire, UK. (Picture by i-Images / Pool)

    Get the business out of the way, quickly: After the wedding, Pippa and James walked towards the waiting press, allowing everyone to get their fill of pictures. They waved to the locals gathered nearby (it’s unsure how many locals decided not to stay outside but crashed the wedding under newly reinforced Church of England rules.) and then slowly walked back to their friends and family before going to a post-wedding reception at Englefield House (the church is on the estate)

  • Don’t let guests upstage you: This is her day. She is the focus of attention. Family—especially toddlers—are given leeway, guests very little. The guests, including tennis legend Roger Federer as well as Princess Eugenie, walked in front of the media but said nothing. Also, while there was lots of buzz as to whether Prince Harry’s girlfriend, Meghan Markle, would be at the wedding, in the end she wasn’t seen. It would have diverted attention from Pippa. (People reports she was in London.)
  • If you want to party, then do it right: Pippa’s evening reception at her parent’s place involve a change of clothes, some fancy nosh, and dancing in one heck of a marquee. Even the washrooms are apparently top-notch.

Follow Pippa Middleton’s rules and a good time will be had by all (no weather guarantees included)